Puppy Paradise

Double your pleasure. Double your fun. We’re definitely not running the Doublemint ad over here…

It’s more like double your pressure, double your run. Running to stop the chewing…running to stop the barking…running to stop the fighting…running to stop the indoor potty-ing…sigh.

But they’re SO cute, right? Sigh. Don’t let their picture fool you. It was taken back when we first got them almost two months ago. They’ve grown quite a bit since then and their little cat fights sound more like two wild beasts going at it for the final kill. Most days it feels like I’m running a three-ring circus. “Prepare yourselves! You’re about to witness the craziest show on earth!”

I’ve been amazed at how smart these two pups are. Although they each are a different kind of ‘smart’. She is what I call clever. She is stubborn. She ‘knows’ what we want, yet she chooses to do what she wants. You can see the challenge in her eyes when she stares you down as if saying ‘What are you gonna do about it?’. He is what I call intelligent. Things click quickly with him. He learns quickly. He aims to please…except when she’s around. Yes, she’s the ringleader. The alpha. The instigator.

Together the mess they can get into is hair-pulling-teeth-gritting-audible-sighing mess. I’ve ‘blessed their hearts’ more times than I can count. It’s true what they say, they’re so precious…when they’re sleeping! It’s hard to keep the choice of two in perspective when one is chewing on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets while the other is peeing down the air vent.

This brother and sister duo can be chaotic, but they’ve also brought lots of love and laughter into our home. We’ve belly-laughed watching him discover and chase his own tail, and her bounce like she’s Tigger with springs in her hind legs. It’s as if they’ve lived here for years. They’re a natural part of our family. They love to be loved and to give love. Snuggles and softness and wet kisses are part of the package with these two. It’s double the loyalty, double the love.

It’s always easier said than done, but isn’t that true with most anything? This too shall pass and I’ll soon forget how crazy they made me and long for those ‘cute puppy days’.

I’ll try hard to remember that while I’m double-lamenting for my sanity 😉


One thought on “Puppy Paradise”

  1. Sounds like they are with a loving owner. I know you folks enjoy them so much! So happy for you!🐕👀🐕❤️

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