Gramps w Poem


For my daddy. A wonderful man, a wonderful Gramps. Time was short, but our hearts continue to hold you dearly. Love you.

What do you call your grandpa?
I call mine Gramps.
He’s very tall and has red hair,
And wears really long pants.

He’s loud and funny
And can make funny faces.
My gramps is one in a million,
But we live in different places.

We talk about him often.
My mommy keeps his pictures out.
I’m curious to know more about him
And just what he’s all about.

You see, my Gramps doesn’t live on earth.
He lives up in heaven near the moon and the stars.
I tell my mommy I’d like to visit him sometime
But she says that it’s too far.

One day I’ll get to meet him.
But it won’t be for a while.
So for now I’ll look at pictures
And study his big smile.

At night I go to bed
And say my prayers to sleep.
I say an extra one for Gramps
Just for him to keep.

I may not get to know him
Like I wish I could.
But I know he’s special
And really loved me good.

If there’s one thing my mommy knows
I’ve got the best guardian angel around.
Gramps keeps a watch over me
To help keep me safe and sound.

written by CAAW


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