A Blue Dress at Barnes & Noble

I park the car and work on getting my four year old out of the backseat (you know, it takes a team so your kid doesn’t swing his door open and accidentally hit the vehicle parked next to you). As we’re collecting ourselves to hold hands (big rule while walking anywhere near cars) we notice a girl in a beautiful royal blue dress almost gliding towards the entrance of Barnes & Noble. She reaches the doors long before we do, but stops and waits holding the door open for us to enter before her. I almost feel the need to run across the street and up the sidewalk, but I’ve got an extra set of (smaller) legs trying to keep up with me.

By the time my son and I finally reach the door, I breathlessly say, “thank you”. She gives a sweet smile and says “no problem” in return. I figured this is where our shared journey would end. Somehow we breeze through the bookstore heading the same direction, but not using the same path and I find myself thinking ‘wouldn’t it be funny if we were both bee-lining for the same book?‘. As I find the section I’m looking for I turn down the aisle to locate the book (Lysa TerKeurst’s newest book ‘The Best Yes’). After finding it, my son says he needs to use the bathroom. I put the book back and direct him towards the restrooms an aisle over from where we were.

As we enter the bathroom, you can hear another person in there. I don’t even have to wait to see who it is, I know it’s the girl in the blue dress. We head for the largest stall (I like room when you’re forced to share a stall with your kid). We hear the other person washing hands and exiting. We leave the restrooms and head back to the aisle where we left the book. Turning the corner, I smile. I chuckle out loud as I grab a copy of the book and say, “I guess we had the same idea today.” The girl in the blue dress is sitting on the floor browsing a copy of ‘The Best Yes’. She looks up with the prettiest blue eyes and grins back, “It looks that way!”

She randomly asks where I’m from because she’s thinking of doing a study with some others on this book. We begin to exchange small talk and it turns out we don’t live too far from each other. She asks if she can have my email so she can update me as she coordinates. She jokes about us following each other through checkout and back out to our cars. I mention I’m going to checkout some bargain books on my way out and told her it was nice to meet her.

We shake hands and I turn back to the shelf for a split second to check on another author. When I turn back around she’s gone. I walk to the end of the aisle to see if I can see her checking out, but there is no sign of her. My son turns to me and says, “Mommy, where did that girl go?” I get chills. It’s almost like she vanished.

Now, I don’t believe she was a ghost girl or anything like that. Honestly, I hope she emails me, but even if she doesn’t, I’m thankful for the encounter. It’s amazing how God works in all places all of the time. We have to be open to receive Him because you never know…He might show up in a blue dress at Barnes & Noble 🙂


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