Have a Good Morrow Today

#MomKnowsBest …that’s this week’s hashtag for the bible study I’m doing. After spending almost a week straight in extremely close vicinity (thanks, vacation; when is the vacation from vacation?) with my ever mouthy four year old I’m thinking there may not be anything further from the truth. Sigh. Our verse this week is Phillippians 4:6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.” Sigh again.

All in a week I’ve seen all of the summer weather possibilities. I’ve been through downpours praying our new camper doesn’t leak, thunderstorms so loud you’re jumping with the lightning before the thunder cracks. I’ve seen a rainbow over the ocean where both ends lead you to the sea, a sunset over one of my favorite towns off the hotel balcony, and I’ve seen a sunrise (well make that two) that were to die for. Not being that early of a morning person, there was no denying the scene God was providing. There have been some overcast days that made for great pictures 😉 and super sunny days that made for great beach days.

All in a week I’ve been happy, curious, annoyed, frustrated, excited and relaxed. My emotions were an entirely different forecast to keep up with along with the weather. There have been plenty of moments over the last week if I heard “Mommy” one more time I was going to lose it. I’ve worked hard this week, both physically and emotionally.

Vacation means ‘an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling’ and lets face it, as peaceful and rejuvenating as vacation sounds, it can be hard work. Especially when you have a kid involved. They are ‘perpetual motion’ as my sweet mother-in-law says. They like to be entertained. They constantly ask questions. They’re constantly hungry. They are in what feels like a permanent state of ‘do’. I relish the day mine will learn to just ‘be’.

I’ve got the praying down pat in the ‘pray about everything’. I’ve prayed a lot this week. Prayed for patience. Prayed for nice weather. Prayed that just one of my answers to the millions of questions would suffice my little one.

My mouthy babe says some pretty darn things sometimes, but one caught my attention when he was on the phone telling his dad goodnight. “I hope you have a good morrow today.” I know what he meant to say was I hope you have a good day tomorrow, but I almost think he said it just right, why wait until tomorrow? Have your good morrow today.

It’s that thankful part I take for granted at times. Truly though, I’ve seen some pretty awesome things this week. An ocean rainbow. A cool driftwood log. A beach sunrise. I’ve been to some new places and I’ve gotten to take a ton of pictures. I can look back and talk to my son about the time I taught him to boogie board and all the minnows we chased after to only catch a few to keep in a bucket to watch for a bit before releasing them back into the ocean. We’ll be able to chat about our shell hunting, wave jumping, and hopping that driftwood log he was nervous about certain he wouldn’t be able to make it over.

As important as it is to ‘just be’ sometimes (and believe me, I’m thankful for those moments), there is something extremely important in the ‘do’. The ‘do’s’ are the memories. They are the moments of life savored. I may be tired at the end of each “vacation day”, but I’m well spent and I’m thankful. Thank you, God, for the rain. Thank you for the rainbows. Thank you for the sunny days. Thank you for the waves. Thank you for the opportunities. Thank you for the moments. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done.

Those ‘do’s’ are priceless. Pray and be thankful. And have a good morrow today.


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