Being a Mom is Tough

‘Being a Mom is Tough’…I’m participating in a bible study this summer about being a mom asking that pivotal question #amimessingupmykids? We were given the verse Psalm 23:3 as our verse to pray this week: “He restores my strength (soul). He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name.”

I love how my summers always seem to bring me back to the book of Psalm. I spent last July-August doing a neat study reading the whole book of Psalm. It’s mostly a book of prayer & praise. Probably the BEST way to describe parenting- prayer one minute & praise the next! It’s a constant wave of emotions.

Yesterday I dared to venture for a day trip to the beach and the morning started out rough (prayer) as my little darling doesn’t like to have his sleep interrupted (but if he awakens on his own he’s practically emulating rays of sun out of that cute li’l tooshie). This created a 2 hour car ride with a 4 year old mouth from a place I’m really interested in knowing nothing about. And it continued for about the first hour or so once on the beach. NOTHING pleased him. The constant waves of “No’s!” and “I don’t like this!” and “The water is too cold!” and “I don’t like these toys!” and “This is not what I want to eat!” made me feel like the grains of sand having to roll with the punches of the massive waves. A constant parade of back & forth, pulled in & sucked out. And it seemed fitting that the waves were rather large yesterday morning- biggest I have seen in quite sometime. It wasn’t even 10am and I was ready to pack up and tackle a torturous 2 hour car ride back home.

I found myself silently praying “He restores. He restores.” over and over. I was bound and determined not to let this 4 year old darling of mine continue to be the waves controlling my emotions. SO? I buried him. I really did! But the beach way 🙂 I stayed quiet not to say anything I’d quickly regret, got a shovel out and started digging. He quickly stopped his whining and watched me becoming more and more curious, “What are you doing?” I didn’t respond right away. Once my hole was big enough I looked at him and said, “Hop in.” His eyes got excited, I mean dirt + boy = heaven. He happily obliged and squealed with delight as I started covering him up. He was now giggling and I was smiling. It felt like us again and back in tune with the ebbs & flows of each other.

The waves died down both outwardly & inwardly. The rest of the day moved along with such ease & fun (praise). And I found myself resting on His promise and my prayer “He restores”.


One thought on “Being a Mom is Tough”

  1. I love your way with words. You are indeed a great writer getting straight to the point! Your thoughts are so clear. Unsure of whose quote this is but I love this one: “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.” I’ve really focused on this word in my life…especially the past few years. Keep writing…

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